I've been at the music thing now going on four years. There is so much I have seen that I would of never been able to, if I had not learned how to play the guitar at the age of 28. I encourage all who read my story to seek out your calling and go for it. It might not be in music but you are here for a reason. Further more I will never use music to elevate myself in anyway form or fashion over anybody. I will use music to uplift others and help out however I can.

My biggest goal in music is to take it back from the entertainment whore it has become. The spiritual aspect of music, be it good or bad. Far outweighs it's entertainment value. You can hear in my music the exposure to the Man In Black I had as a young man. Also My Grandpa Jim Akins plays a big part in my interpretation of music. Music is for the Soul, not the wallet. I have everything I want out of life in the pockets of my pants, and in my guitar case.

Thanks for giving my music a listen, I genuinely appreciate it. I write and record out of pure passion for the music, not from seeking the spotlight, but only your ears so turn up the sound and let's escape back in time. - Daniel

My Story