• This Little Light of Mine3:00

May the love of Jesus invade the hearts that do not know Him and overwhelm the hearts that do.

Music is for the soul, not the wallet...

The history of music has many paths. In my experience I've found that the spiritual aspect of music far outweighs its entertainment value. This has led me to coin the term " music is for the soul, not the wallet". It is your intentions, that will guide you to what path in music you will take.


2016 will be an exciting year. I travel across America starting April 3rd. I will be taking my Wheels & Walkers Tour along side Larry Hinkle and Jocelyn Cupido with Phase Line.


"Come Walk With Me" just hit  online stores. This album will be used to fund our hike across America. Visit thehump.org & phaseline.org for more info.


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